Why Chief Powerboats?

Enter a New Arena in performance Boating

Chief Powerboats create high performance superboats that set the bar on industry standards for quality, fit ,function, and safety. For the offshore boater looking for cutting edge technology, artisan craftsmanship, proven racing pedigree, and SAFETY ..... this boat is for you.

Have you ever idled into the dock at a poker run event and discover that your boat was already docked there?? The exact replica of your NEW BOAT already at the event..... just a couple of color changes, maybe just a pinstripe difference? Have you ever had an idea of something you wanted to incorporate into the design of your next boat, but of course, the builder/Dealer couldn’t accommodate your vision. There IS a high performance builder that can make your boat truly your own.

Looking for a one of a kind, fully functional piece of HIGH PERFROMANCE art? That one of a kind feel comes from a unique experience only Chief provides with our clients and customers. Each craft is custom designed and manufactured to exact specs discussed between the client and our design team. From a “Bay-Buster” to a light weight Poker Run screamer, Chief makes your boat the way you want it.

Come see the TEAM at Chief Powerboats and start your build on the most amazing superboat ever made.

A Custom Manufactured Boat

Chief’s tooling and designs allow Fabrication of every inch of the boat to be custom tailored to the wants and needs of the owner, again no two are alike, assuring the customer never experiencing the “That boat is the same as mine” feeling at an event or around the dock.

Chief prides itself on the individuality of each of its boats. Chief boats are instantly recognized and the boats garner instant respect in the offshore boating community. We also pride ourselves on the longevity or our hulls and knowing our customers are safe with the Delta Twin Step underneath them on the open seas.

Chief Powerboats and our Naval Architect from the Netherlands worked together to design the Delta Twin Step, our signature and innovative step pattern. The goal was speed, efficiency, Big Sea capabilities, and UNMATCHED HANDELING. The Delta Twin Step DELIVERED!

The Delta Twin Step was brought into production with our 42 Warrior. The boat has been through 24 months of testing and design. Speed, safety, handling, quality, were tested on the race course, and on the pleasure boat circuit of Poker Runs. The boat proved to be fast, efficient ,and SAFE. Aesthetically....The beauty of the 42 Warrior speaks for itself, the boats are one of a kind head turners. Forming crowds around them when docked, or trailered, they steal the show wherever they go.